Vehicle and Equipment Loans Adelaide

We can assist you with the purchase of any form of vehicle or workplace equipment
that you may need for your business. 

         Contact us on 1300 447 026 for market leading rates on your next Vehicle or Workplace Equipment loan.
​We can finance any business asset including the following:

  • Light & medium Commercial Vehicles​
  • Cars
  • Trucks and Trailers
  • Construction and Building Industry Equipment (Yellow Goods)
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Industrial Plant & Equipment
  • Mining Services Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Luxury Vehicles
  • Energy Assets (ie solar)
  • and More...​​​

Just let us know what asset you need and we will sort out the appropriate finance! 

The most common loan is a chattel mortgage which is secured against the asset and smooths your business cash flows as you pay for the asset over the life of the asset.     

Discounts may be available for "Green" or "Cleaner Energy" Vehicles and Equipment

For Higher value equipment or groups of assets we can tender your requirements across multiple lenders to ensure you get the best price. This saves you time and money and provides you peace of mind that you received a market leading price.  

We ensure your loan application is put forward to the right lender and presented in the most favourable way maximising a favourable outcome.   

For larger businesses we can arrange an approved limit to be put in place for your forward asset purchases providing peace of mind and convenience. Once the approved limit is in place just send us the invoice and we ensure pricing is competitive and the asset is funded without issues.

Our rates are very competitive, please contact us on

for a quote for your next Vehicle or Equipment Loan.