Self Managed Super Fund Loans Adelaide

Why not utilise your Superannuation to buy Property?

We specialise in Self Managed Superannuation Fund Loans (or SMSF Loans) in Adelaide or South Australia for

  • Residential Investment Properties
  • Commercial Properties
  • Rural Properties ​

Lending can be set up either inside the Super Fund or Outside.  There is a number of ways to structure things, we work with you and your other advisors to ensure this is done appropriately in line with the strategy of your Super Fund. 

The typical SMSF legal structure involves the following:

  • Superannuation Fund
  • Trustee for the Superannuation Fund
  • Bare Trust
  • Trustee for Bare Trust
  • Company or Individuals as Trustees.   

The Loan is between the Bank and the Superfund with the Trustee Individuals or Directors as Guarantors to the loan.   The Bare Trust owns and holds the property until the SMSF Loan is paid off, following which the property ownership transfers to the Super Fund.  Alternatively, Superannuation in some instances can be contributed to put towards as a deposit for the purchase of a property outside of Superannuation, with a Loan obtained outside of Superannuation.

Use of Superannuation to own property can be advantageous due to tax benefits available and it also enables you to diversify the equity in your superannuation often and typically over invested into shares or managed funds.  

For Self Employed Business People who are renting a commercial property, getting out of renting and into owning a commercial property sooner through use of Superannuation can often a be a fruitful strategy.

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